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Hello! Welcome to the Phantaluna website, the place where Romanian art and culture come to life through the beautiful illustrations created by artist Paula Berger. Alongside her husband, Holger Berger, Paula takes us on a captivating journey through the Romanian identity.

Phantaluna is more than an artistic brand; it is a manifestation of passion and love for Romanian culture. Paula Berger is dedicated to promoting and preserving the beauty of Romanian culture through her illustrations. Each artistic creation tells a story, capturing the essence and charm of our traditions.

With each brushstroke and pencil, Phantaluna brings to life characters, landscapes, and symbols that define Romania. Whether it's traditional attire, picturesque landscapes, or the country's rich mythology, Paula Berger explores every aspect of Romanian culture with remarkable talent and sensitivity.

Thank you for choosing to visit us and be part of our artistic journey. Together, we will preserve and celebrate Romanian culture through the beauty of Phantaluna's illustrations.

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